Timeshare is a form of holiday ownership. You own the right, either directly or through a club, to use a specific time period in an apartment or villa on a holiday resort for a great many years or in perpetuity.


Timeshare accommodation is generally of a much higher standard than hotel or rented accommodation. And most resorts have extensive leisure facilities.


Accommodation choices ranges from a modest studio to apartments and villas with one, two or three bedrooms, kitchenette, lounge, dining area etc. with appointments of an exceptionally high standard.


Over six million families own timeshare holidays worldwide - many well satisfied with their ownership and the number is growing everyday.





When you vacation with Crown Resorts and Tours Markerting, your choices are endless. Whether you are planning family vacations or seeking a romantic retreat, or visiting religiously important places, we have something to offer you. We try to provide you every opportunity to make the most of your vacations, with exceptional comfort, convenience and flexibility at superb resorts worldwide.


Your membership with Crown Resorts and Tours Markerting not only offers you extraordinary holidays that suit your individual needs, but also exclusive privileges and extra value travel services including your flight, hotel accommodation, travel insurance, car hire---------everything you need for your dream vacation.


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